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  1. Well I don’t think she’s crazy or abusive, thguoh I think she clearly caries things way too far. I think she has a good point about how childrens’ self esteem works: you don’t build healthy self esteem by constantly praising a kid for meaningless invented achievements, as we so often do in today’s child-rearing culture, you build self esteem by helping a child learn that he or she is capable. Does that justify forcing a seven year old to sit and practice piano without dinner or potty breaks? Well no. But I’m not sure it’s the parenting method that is the problem in the scenario, it’s Chua’s assumptions of what success means, which are unfortunately I think, all too often mirrored by our own.I think this article is a good opportunity to hold up a mirror to our parenting priorities. Chua’s goals, like many American parents, are for her children to be the absolute best academically. I even agree with her that academic success, like most kinds of success, has much more to do with effort than raw intelligence or talent. The point where I disagree with her entirely is the idea that academic success (or skill on the piano) is the end all be all of what we should be helping our children accomplish.I agree with her that it is important to help your children realize that they are capable of achieving THEIR goals, when they want to quit because it’s too hard. I hear kids all the time say I can’t and we enable not only the behavior but the belief of incompetence. I think it’s possible to let a kid take breaks without letting them quit on themselves and for that matter we should be able to tell the difference between a child who wants to quit because he or she is afraid to fail and a child who wants to quit because he or she truly hates the activity.Obviously, I think her methods are way out of line, but I think she wants for her children to be happy and independent just like we do.By the way, Mike (actually, not related at all- just a figure of speech) I wanted to mention about your comment form here I often am tempted to comment, but don’t bother because it’s such a hassle. I’m often reading and commenting from my iPhone, and by the time I get through the registration/login crap my comment has been lost. I would be extremely grateful if you would change that.

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